Help West Hills High Win $140,000 in Sports Gear

If you have a Facebook account you can easily support the local school's shot at free gear for all sports.

See the contest page

Under Armour's Finding Undeniable" contest pits high schools around the nation in an online contest of school pride and athletic abilty, and you can help West Hills High School win $140,000 worth of top-of-the-line sports gear for the school's teams.

"We’re looking for the gutsiest. We’re looking for the grittiest. We’re looking for that high school with heart to spare and whose commitment is the stuff of legends..." says the contest website.

The contest is designed so that the school with the most athletic abilty and pride will win- and it will be undeniable.

West Hills can get points by completing challenges and by gaining supporters. So, if you have a Facebook account and want to help out a local school, become a supporter.

"Spreading the word across the school, across the community, with alumni, parents and friends is crucial to success."

West Hills already has a photo of their mascot and the scoreboard of the win against Santana entered in the contest, and is currently ranked 18th in the nation. Keep track of the contest at the West Hills page. The challenges get crazier as the contest goes on for the next 40 days.

No one's playing favorites with Santee high schools- Santana isn't in the running yet, but any high school can enter.


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