Photos: Santana Hosts Environmental Design Pathway Inaugural Gallery

Santana High School recently showcased student projects in a program themed around the concepts of sustainability and the environment through design.

Last week Santana High School for the first time showcased student projects that are part of a remarkable program that integrates many levels of learning into a coherent "pathway" through school- the Environmental Design Pathway.

This advanced program for sophomores through seniors is themed around the concepts of sustainability and the environment through design, and links classes from English to Math and Science into similar themes. So, for example, a student may learn about the history of roller coasters in history class, and the physics of roller coasters in their science class.

Students designed a vast array of projects on display that included a democratic courtyard, commercials for a fictitious business and roller coaster models.

The Inaugural Gallery was held in open house fashion at the Career Technical Education building on campus, an improvement and expansion of the school's vocational education program which was opened in fall of 2011 and is home to many of the Environmental Design Pathway classes and state-of-the-art equipment used in the fields students are studying. Courses in the CTE building focus on alternative energy, architectural design, principles of engineering and civil engineering.

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