Santee School District Adopts 2012-13 Budget

School districts across the state are cutting programs and staff, but Santee has mostly avoided deep cuts.

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Faced with a state budget deficit that is devestating the programs of many school districts, a 2012-13 Santee School District budget was adopted by the board at Tuesday night's meeting that avoids such drastic measures for Santee's students.

The school district previously cut more than $6 million in the 2008-2011 budgets, but this is the second budget in a row that has avoided significant personnel and program reductions in Santee.

"The fiscal pressures being placed on School Districts as a result of the State budget deficit are daunting, and we're seeing District's throughout California being faced with unenviable staffing and program decisions as a result," said Santee School Board President Daniel Bartholomew.

"Through prudent fiscal planning enacted over the last several years, and with the help of a talented District staff and tireless community and parental support, the Santee School District has avoided such drastic actions while continuing to maintain one of the top academic programs in the East County. We're very proud of that."

The total General Fund income for the district's 2012-13 budget is $41.5 million, while expenitures are slated at $44.9 million, with the difference made up from budget reserves.

Bartholomew said in his President's message that the intact budget was "possible due to reliance on accumulated reserves stemming from prudent planning, strategic use of one-time Federal funds, and salary concessions agreed to by the teachers, employees, and administrators of the District."

He added that the district isn't out of the woods yet- if a November ballot initiative proposing tax increases fails, chances are the board will see even more severe cuts to the district budget in the future.

Mary June 23, 2012 at 03:47 PM
A big THANK YOU to the Santee School District, teachers, employees, and administrators of the District. Your initiatives, dedication, support and backing are an example of what can be done, even in these hard times. Our children are the instant beneficiaries, but also Santee as a whole, because we all benefit from a better educated citizenry.


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