Santee Visions: Student Art Show Reflects the Community of Santee

The West Hills High School Art Department showed off a variety of artworks shining a light on Santee's lighter and darker sides.

The West Hills High School Art Department held an art show Friday evening featuring artwork that reflects the community of Santee through the eyes of art students.

The Santee Visions show included about 100 pieces of photography, digital art, painting, drawing, and sculpture from a number of classes and grade levels. The show, held at Pathways Community Church, was well attended and was accompanied by sounds from local musicians.

Art teacher John Goodman said he was pleased with the turnout from the community and hopes to create a larger show next year by inviting Santana High art students to submit works as well.

Many of the spots around Santee that inspired the art pieces were plotted on a map that can be viewed here. QR codes, scannable by smart-phone, were tagged on many of the pieces, allowing viewers to see the map as they toured the show.

The piece that seemed to draw the most attention was titled "Is Santee a Racist Town...?" by 11th grade student Nala Johnson. The collage of photography and digital design features quotes from Santee residents elaborating on question: "Is santee a racist town...?" 

Johnson describes herself as an African-American who has lived in Santee for three years.

"Within those three years I have faced the most racism that I have ever experienced in my entire life," she wrote in a description of the artwork.

"I understand that Santee as an entire town cannot be classified as racist, but I do believe it takes an entire town to promote change."

Most of the quotes in the piece reflect the idea that Santee is not racist, but people within it can be.

Watch a time-lapse video of the art show at Youtube or attached to this post.

COMMENT: What is your favorite artwork that reflects Santee?


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