Volunteers Come Out in Droves to Help Beautify Cajon Park School

Cajon Park School has been missing a decent grass field since construction has finished, now they're a step closer.

In the midst of massive construction at over the last few years, the grass field the kids play on was obliterated. The said they would take care of replacing the field, an idea which somewhat evaporated with recent string of deep budget cuts to schools across the state.

Marcia Ginn-May, the school's principal, called upon the students to take ownership of the school and help return the field to it's previous glory. Every Friday, she encouraged the students to collect all the change they could find and bring it in. The students have raised about $15,000, a bit short of the district's goal of $120,000 for an astro-turph field, but one serious chunk of change none-the-less.

The modified field plan is now to plant grass on the field and surround it with what will eventually be shade trees, what the school is calling their "Field of Dreams."

Ginn-May called up , pastor of newly formed , and asked him if he could help supply any volunteers to help plant trees. Tolson said that call was "Riverview's dream come true."

"Riverview is about and then putting church back out into the community," said Tolson.

At the next service he asked his flock for help and Ginn-May put a phone call out to parents of students asking for volunteers the weekend of May 21.

That morning, a total of 47 congregates showed up to help out along with parents and students of Cajon Park. A $2,000 donation from the Indian Tribe, made it possible to begin the project.

A total of 24 trees were planted, and what they expected would take three hours took a whole 36 minutes.

Kathy June 14, 2011 at 02:41 AM
Thank you to all the Volunteers, it is very much appreciated by the residents of Santee.
Todd Tolson June 15, 2011 at 11:56 PM
Thank you, Kathy - we LOVE our town! Todd Tolson


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