The Monthly Ride: Hideout Saloon

See photos of Clint's Monthly Ride through East County San Diego.

It’s standard operating procedure that the ride club meets at in Santee, even when it’s closed in the afternoon. The first Saturday of the month is the meet up and this time we decided to cruise up the 67 to the Hideout Saloon in Santa Ysabel, Ca. We had about 12-14 bikes on this particular run and the goal was to get some fliers for the posted to promote the upcoming event for our troops.

Again the Scala G4 Headsets came in handy because I take the front of the pack and Rudy takes the back so when we need to let the other know about a lane change or a hazard this makes it very convenient.

At one point some an unknown rider decided to cut into the middle of our group in the hopes of passing us on a one lane road. Luckily when he gunned his engine to make the pass, I was able to hear it in Rudy’s headset so although I couldn’t see the rider, I was able to pull to the right to let him go by safely. Let’s just say I’m extremely impressed with the headsets and I highly recommend them to any and all riders!

Other than that, It was an easy cruise other than me missing the left turn, causing us to turn around on the 76 which can be tricky when traffic is present.

Once we got there, I spoke with the manager Sadi and after posting the fliers we started talking. Sadi let me know that The Hideout Saloon needs to get at least 1,000 signatures on a petition so they can apply to get live music back on the property. I’m not sure who the music would be bothering other than some raccoons, squirrels and other wild life in the area so the next time you make it to the Hideout, please ask to sign their petition.

We hung out, took some pictures and then rode back home. If you’d like to join us on the next Monthly Ride you can log onto  http://www.101kgb.com/pages/hittheroad.html for all of the information.


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