Video: Eating Contest at Landre's Sports Bar & Grill in Santee

Santee goes international with an appearance on Norwegian TV.

Landre's Sports Bar & Grill represented Santee on international television in the Spring of 2012 with an eating contest featuring their four-and-a-half pound "Whole 9 Yards Challenge Burger."

Golden Goal, a Norwegian comedy talkshow about sports, visited the restaurant and two of their hosts participated in the contest.

Anyone can attempt the Challenge: Two bacon waffles, one pound bacon burger, one pound jalapeno burger, six ounces pulled pork, six slices cheese, three fried eggs, three slices of bacon and one pound of tater tots, eaten in under one hour.

If you complete the challenge the meal is free, otherwise it costs $42.56, the number of hits Pete Rose had in his career, according to Landre Malone, owner of Landre's.

Of 58 attempts, only four have completed the gastronomic feat. Kevin Ross was the first to win the challenge, he did it in 19 minutes and 1 second, an unmatched time, and was given the right to name the burger challenge:

"Kevin Ross Rules Wacky Waffle Jewpacabra Gnarwhal Baron Whole 9 Yards Challenge Burger"


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