LEO Club Honors Military With Ceremony at Ft. Rosecrans

Young LION Club members from across the county participate in a Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony.

On Sunday, members of (LEO) Clubs participated in a wreath ceremony to honor the military at Ft. Rosecrans cemetery.

Over the course of several months, LEO Club members made or received donations of wreaths from local florists to lay on the gravesites of soldiers killed in action.  

“Our wreaths were donated by in Santee,” said Meg Wall, Santana LEO Club member. "They were laid on the graves of soldiers killed in Iraq.”

Participating high school LEO Clubs included Santana, El Cajon Valley, Granite Hills, Encinitas, Coronado and Rancho Bernardo.

Students arrived at Ft. Rosecrans cemetery, and then were led to the gravesites by Ft. Rosecrans officials. Active duty military killed in action while deployed to Iraq were selected to be honored during this event.

Students gathered at the assigned area and were led to each gravesite by cemetery personnel. A short history and memorial regarding the fallen, including their military assignment, hometown and family life was shared with the high school group. The students took great interest in hearing and learning about each soldier.

“Our soldier was killed in Iraq in 2004," said Caitlin Gora, of the Santana LEO club. “He was 22 years old and from Ramona, Calif. His convoy was attacked on May 1, 2004. He had a wife and a baby boy.”

Rancho Bernardo High School has been planning and organizing this special event for several years. This was the first year they invited other LEO Clubs to join in. 

LEO Clubs are part of the .  For further information about your local LIONS Club, please visit www.LIONSclubs.org


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