Photo Tour: Creation & Earth History Museum

If you ever wanted to know more about Biblically literal history and "young earth" creation, this is the place for you.

The , on Woodside Avenue in Santee, has been engaging the community with their view of the origin of man- Biblically literal "young earth" creation- for about 20 years.

The museum's website describes the facility as "a 7500 sq. ft. showcase for a literal six-day creation and young earth with an ever-growing emphasis on God's design in creation," and isn't connected to any specific denomination.

The latest wing of the museum, completed in the summer, details the Human Anatomy, focused on the complexity of life, leading to the idea that only God could have created such complexity. You can also get a picture with some dino replicas at the new Dinosaur Gardens- which pushes the concept that modern man and dinosaurs lived simultaneously.

The museum is owned and funded by , Inc., and is funded by a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry, the Life and Light Foundation. It has a few paid staff and about 45 hard-working volunteers.

It is described as a "biblical walk through history." The museum explains that scientific data is flexible enough to be interpreted in different ways, namely in ways that question evolution, the age of the earth and the Big Bang.

Admission is free, and guided tours and family memberships with extra goodies are available for purchase.

An annual is held in the fall; this year's drew more than 2,000 viewers.

The museum's exhibits include:

  • Days of Creation 1-3 Heavens & Earth Genesis 1:1-13
  • Day of Creation 4 Astronomy  - Light, Sun, Moon & Stars Genesis 1:14-19
  • Days of Creation 5-7 Living Creatures & Garden Genesis
  • Fall of Man
  • Noah’s Ark World Wide Flood
  • Grand Canyon Wall & Fossils – Evidence for a Flood
  • Mount St. Helens
  • Ice Age
  • Ancient Civilizations Room
  • Hall of Scholars Creation/Evolution debate since Darwin
  • Human Anatomy Exhibit
  • Dinosaur Gardens

A bookstore is also on site, allowing museum goers to research more about what they learn at the museum.

You can get take a virtual tour through the photo gallery and get a good idea of what the museum is about.


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