Relay For Life Needs a Volunteer Event Chair

An open plea for a dedicated volunteer to lead this year's Santee Relay for Life event. Have you been touched in some way by this dreaded disease of cancer? Fight back!

An open plea to the community of Santee:

I am a certifiable type A personality. I am the consummate control freak. So, 13 years ago when I was hit with a diagnosis of cancer I went through the school of hard knocks and had a tough lesson in life. I was shocked to learn that I was not the master and architect of my own life.  I was along for the ride on a journey I was forced to take and the only control I had was to decide what my disposition would be during the ride.  I could have a temper tantrum and sit in the back seat or I could sit behind the wheel and drive.  So, I chose to drive… and I have been driving ever since. 

Thirteen years later I am more mature, I am strong in my faith, I have a teenager, I , and I am a in my community.  All of these things are strong reminders to me that I am living my life. I am not controlling my life.  I must exercise strength, restraint and maturity on a daily basis.  If I didn’t, my head would burst in frustration over my total lack of control of almost everything. 

So, Thursday night sitting at a table at with a group of wonderful volunteers from our community, I was thrown back into time with that same gut-wrenching, tear-jerking feeling of total loss of control.  I had lost control of “my” .  After two years, I was no longer the Volunteer Event Chair.  I no longer ran the show.  I am not the Relay For Life of Santee spokesperson to the community.  I am not the leader of this that pour their heart and soul into an event that is so important to our community.  I won’t get to work with our wonderful community leaders; members, , our , members, , the Principals and Teachers in our schools, or the wonderful adult and youth volunteers! 

The 2012 Relay For Life of Santee season was kicking off without me sitting in the big chair. Unfortunately, the 2012 Relay For Life of Santee season has started without a Volunteer Event Chair in place.  And so my mind and heart are racing because I can not fix this problem, I can not control this situation.  I feel panicked… I feel helpless.  What can I do? 

Well, I can make an open plea to our Santee community to look for someone special, to look for someone that will lead us in 2012. I can boast about the wonderful experience that someone will be privileged to experience if they choose to lead our event. 

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Santee belongs to our community.  We are the American Cancer Society in our community.  We not only fundraise, but .  This is not my Relay For Life, this belongs to all of us.  We celebrate, we remember and we fight back as a community. 

Just ask any of the .  We raised over $62,000 and we welcomed over 100 cancer survivors of all ages. 

Are you that special person?  Are you someone that wants to work tirelessly for your community?  Are you someone that wants to make an impact in your neighbor’s lives?  Have you been touched in some way by this dreaded disease of cancer?  Are you someone that wants to give yourself a gift, a gift that will change your life forever? 

I am the American Cancer Society.  I have been for 13 years and I will continue to be.  I will provide support and assistance to those in need.  I will continue to be an advocate in my community.  I will participate in our Relay For Life and support it’s new Volunteer Event Chair in any way that I can.  And I will cherish the many friendships and gifts of the heart that I have been given these last two years. 

Thank you. 

Warm Regards,

Dawn Gibbs 

If you are interested in the position of Volunteer Event Chair for the American Cancer Society of Santee, please contact the local American Cancer Society Relay Senior Manager, Jaimi Edgmon at 619-857-7450. 


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