Egalitarian Birds at Santee Lakes: San Diego Jewish World Publishes Photo Essay

Donald H. Harrison: "There’s a lesson to be learned from the water fowl that live, and visit, the Santee Lakes."

The Editor of San Diego Jewish World, Donald H. Harrison, recently published a photo essay named "The birds of Santee Lakes have much to teach us," at his website. It features many great photos of birds local to the lakes and musings on how well the water fowl get along together.

Here's a piece of the essay that gives the gist of it:

"There’s a lesson to be learned from the water fowl that live, and visit, the Santee Lakes. They all seem to get along pretty well despite their obvious differences.  We humans may have our racists, but in the world of water fowl, there don’t appear to be any species-ists."

See photos and read more at San Diego Jewish World

The photos attached to this post were taken by Chris Stone and Cynthia Robertson

Daniel January 30, 2013 at 09:03 PM
Strange comment about racists concerning birds. Many birds coexist well, but there are predators such as rapters and others that arent so sweet. Larger birds get their share first. Little birds either stay back or swoop in and take a risk. Maybe the author needs to watch Animal Planet or National Geographic a little more.


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