For the Love of Mic: Wood 'n' Lips Newsletter

Once a week local musicians of all ages meet in Santee to play music and enjoy the night.

Stop by the Wood ‘n’ Lips Open Mic at Frubble every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

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Howdy all,

The weeks fly by, summer is upon us; the crowds continue to enjoy the music at Frubble.  We had a full slate of performers from the start—it’s funny how that seems to work out.  I had a brain fade and forgot my computer (it’s amazing how long it takes to transcribe this at a later date) and Greg forgot the speaker stands; Les Armstrong was kind enough to go home and pick up a set of stands for us to use—thanks Les.

6:30 – Wood ‘n’ Lips – Our little trio started the evening off with a set of: Neil Sedaka’s “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”; The Brothers Four’s “Greenfields”; The Drifters’ “Save the Last Dance”; Hank Williams’ “Jambalaya”; and Perry Como’s “Catch a Falling Star”.

6:45 – Curtis Hodson – Curtis adopted his laid back style for Joe South’s “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” (Elvis Presley had a popular cover of it); Buffy Saint Marie’s “Till It’s Time for You to Go” (another Elvis favorite); and Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll”.

7:00 – Rose Scibelli – I always enjoy Rose’s choice of songs; this week she gave us Emmylou Harris’s “Blue Kentucky Girl”; Jessi Colter’s (Waylon Jennings) “Storms Never Last”; Tom Paxton’s “The Love of Loving You”; and Marc Knopfler’s “Love and Happiness”.

7:15 – CJ (Christopher Hogewoning, heretofore known as CJ) – CJ picked up a guitar as a teen but was too shy to pursue his musical ambition; fast forward a few decades, and, following a traumatic open heart surgery, he figures “What have I got to lose?”  So our open mic was his first foray into performing.  For his premier, he chose Peter, Paul and Mary’s (Bob Dylan) “Blowin’ in the Wind”; P.P. & M.’s “Autumn to May”; and the traditional Gospel tune “I am a Child of God”.

7:30 – Steve Wyrill – Steve treated us to Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Lovin’ Makes Livin’Worthwhile”; Marty Stuart’s “Drifting Apart”; Rodney Crowell’s “Shame on the Moon” (he did a good job on what is a really cool song); and The Beatles’ “Things We Said Today”.

7:45 – Les Armstrong, Alton Simpson & Ray Poe – These guys have been playing together for so long that they don’t even have to think about what songs to play or how to play them.  This week they played Buck Owens’ “I’ve Got a Tiger By the Tail”; George Strait’s “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?”; Wynn Stewart’s “It’s Such a Pretty World Today”; Bruce Springsteen’s (??)“I’m Going Down”; and George Strait’s “The Fireman”.  Their repertoire must be immense!

8:00 – John Movius– John had Steve Wyrill join him on the Everly Brothers’ “So Sad” and “Bird Dog” (Bird Dog sounded especially good); then Gregory Gross paired up with him for Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party”; and The Astronauts’ “Baja”.

8:15 – Bob Arsenault, Bob Cool, and Tom Barbarie – The threesome brought bluegrass into the evening’s tune list; they did “Home Sweet Home”; Bill Monroe’s “When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold”; Bob Cool’s “San Diego Breakdown”; and “I Wonder How the Old Folks are at Home?”.

8:30 – Gregory Martin Campbell & Patty Hall – Greg started his set off with an instrumental of Eddy Haywood’s “Canadian Sunset”; then he did a Gospel tune, “You Belong”.  At this point Patty Hall joined him, and they combined their sets for Cheryl Wheeler’s “Estate Sale”, and “I Know This Town”; Bobby Gentry’s “Ode to Billy Joe”; Peggy Lee’s “Fever”; and Patty’s own “Back in the Olden Times”.

9:00 – Bob Cool – Bob did a solo set on guitar; he did Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle”; The Kingston Trio’s “One More Town”; Billie Holiday’s “All of Me”; Louis Armstrong’s “The Sunny Side of the Street”; “Malaguena”; and Nat King Cole’s “Autumn Leaves”.

9:00 – Farrie Ann Nichols– Farrie Ann closed out our evening with Ricky Nelson’s “No Vacancy”; Lebosky & Newman’s “The Wayward Wind”; a Scottish tune I didn’t catch the name of; and Eddy Arnold’s “Please Release Me, Let Me Go”.

Tim Woods, Greg Gross, and the Wood ‘n’ Lips open mic crew

Photos by Greg Gross, Bob Setzer, and Tim Woods


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