Dudley's: Bringing a New Lunch Option to Santee

Evan Brunye, the store's co-manager, said the Santee Town Center is the perfect site for expansion of the Santa Ysabel institution.

Dudley's Famous Bakery & Deli is set to open in Santee in September 2013. Patch file photo.
Dudley's Famous Bakery & Deli is set to open in Santee in September 2013. Patch file photo.

Interview conducted by local editor Steven Bartholow.

Evan Brunye is the son of Barry Brunye, who is opening a new Dudley's Famous Bakery & Deli in Santee. He will help run the store, which is set to open in September in the Santee Town Center.

Evan answered a few questions about the plans for the popular Santa Ysabel institution and what the deli will bring to Santee, aside, of course, from Dudley's well-known breads, fruit bars and pies.

Patch: Who will be manager of the new Dudley's?

Evan Brunye: I will be co-managing the site with David Castellon. I am born and raised in East County – El Cajon specifically. David has lived in San Diego for over 10 years.

Patch: How many people will be hired?

EB: Approximately 8 to 10 part-time employees (probably more as time goes on – and we're currently in the process of accepting applications!)

Patch: Why Santee, and this location?

EB: Santee is a beautiful town in East County, and is growing quickly. There is an influx in great restaurants coming to town, but they mostly cater to dinner crowds. We want to help fill the void for lunch establishments, delis in particular. Also, there is a good following of the original Dudley's location because the 67, a main artery to the store, ends right in the heart of Santee. The location in particular has high visibility from the road, outdoor seating, and ample parking – everything we need! We hope to bring some life back into Santee Town Center with other new tenants such as Coffee Corner.

Patch: Will the baking be done in Santee as well?

EB: There will be some baking done on site, but due to the large volume of bread needed to run a (hopefully popular) deli, the small location will not be able to support itself. The original Dudley's will bake the majority of the breads we use for sandwiches, and the breads baked on-site will be available for purchase for the fresh out of the oven taste Dudley's is known for.

Patch: What's the most popular loaf?

EB: By far the most popular loaf is our signature bread: Date Nut Raisin. But slowly closing in is the Jalapeno Cheddar due to its numerous uses and its spicy bite.


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