The Week's Top 5 Santee Claimed Business Listings

See which local businesses this week most understand the impact of becoming part of the Santee Patch community conversation.

These awesome local businesses recently claimed their listings on Santee Patch! Which means you'll likely see them becoming more involved with the conversation on Santee Patch.

 (Santee Patch Sponsor)

Do you know, if you own a Santee-based business that Santee Patch has a page just for your business already set up?

Just type your business name in the search bar or browse for it in the "Places" part of the site. Once there, you can claim your listing (link is under the media box on your business page) so that you have more control over the content on your page. Learn more about claiming a listing: 

Santee Patch has many advertising possibilities to get your message out to the community. If interested in advertising, please email kristine.crail@patch.com.


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