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Have you thought of riding a bike but are afraid because it's been so long, you're out of shape, or your balance isn't what it used to be?

Have you stopped riding because of back pain, knee pain or achey joints? 

A few years ago we were introduced to the Townie Comfort Bike, and it is now our personal favorite. It is truly the most comfortable and secure-feeling bike available. You sit upright, you can put your feet flat on the ground easily any time, and it glides smoothly, with hardly any effort.

We also have Adult Trikes to try - with wide tractor seats and a big basket for groceries.

Let us introduce you to these bikes. We'll explain the design and ergonomics and you'll have a chance to test ride a Townie yourself - no obligations whatsoever. This is an opportunity to learn about what kind of bikes are available.

  • Shorter top tubes, for a more upright riding position

  • Taller, often adjustable, handlebar stems, also for a more upright riding position

  • Wider saddles with springs (and/or suspension seatposts)

  • Smooth, wide tires for quiet and comfort on smooth surfaces

  • Lower bottom brackets for easier mounting/dismounting

We recommend the Electra Townie as an excellent and affordable comfort bike. With a lightweight aluminum frame and Pedal Forward Technology, it leaves you no excuses. It's the kind of bike where you wake up in the morning looking forward to riding it again.

If you are looking for additional stability, try the Miami Sun Trike. With wide seat and base, it offers both comfort and security.

Now is the perfect time to get back on a bike—gas is headed towards four bucks a gallon, you need to exercise, and it just feels good! And now, it's easier than ever - no matter how many years it's been since you ridden a bike.


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