Daily Dose: National Lazy Day

Don't get lazy on me, this week, that's my job.

I'm off to get hitched in Hawaii!

It's about time, since I've been engaged a year and a half and have worked at Patch for about one year now (that's right, it's about the year anniversary since I first stepped foot in Santee as a Patch editor, putting together the business directory and figuring out the real story behind Santee!) without taking a real vacation.

Coverage will continue as usual. A couple wonderful replacement editors will be taking care of the site for the next week and a few days, and if put together a bountiful collection of stories scheduled to run this week. Keep sending me news tips and emails, I'll forward them to the stand-in editors.

On that note, it happens to be National Lazy Day, not that anyone official announces it or anything (that wouldn't be in the spirit of the day). I'm off to get lazy, I hope you get a chance to do the same sometime today.


- chickens are on the agenda again,

Yesterday's stories of note:

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Santee Real Estate Market Update for the Week of August 8

Alan Stuart August 11, 2011 at 09:24 AM


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