Rudy Reyes Runs for County Supervisor, Questions Redistricting

Rudy Reyes, the Santee resident who's run multiple City Council campaigns, is making another run at a County Supervisor seat, and is questioning county redistricting.

Hi, my name is . I ran for county supervisor in 2008 and plan on running again this next election year.  

I understand that California, as a state, will be .  My concern is with the being allowed to redraw their own districts. Each supervisor is going to be allowed to nominate one person to redraw their area, and have final approval.

This seems to be defeating the point of eliminating our current state of drawing political lines, if County politicians have the final word in redrawing their own districts. With the understanding that this isn't the case with higher level state politics.

At a county level it seems like we are "putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop" by having County Supervisors redraw their own political geographic domains.

Editors Note: State law requires that the lines of the County's five supervisorial districts be adjusted to balance the populations every ten years, based on the Census. The Board of Supervisors, which has final approval over redrawn district lines, has appointed a Redistricting Advisory Committee that will be gathering public opinion; the first meeting is Feb. 23 at 9 a.m. in room 310 of the County Administration Center (see flier in media box).


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