Metal Thefts by 'Meth Heads' Cost Santee Thousands of Dollars

A string of metal thefts around Town Center Park in December frustrates the city of Santee.

Town Center Park in Santee
Town Center Park in Santee

Santee Mayor Randy Voepel said the City is fed up with copper thefts and vandalism at city parks, he wrote in an email to Santee Patch, citing a recent incident at Town Center Park that cost the city at least $2,000.

Wire thefts cut into a casing for the water pumps at Town Center Park the night of Dec. 22, according to the City. For about $50 worth of copper wire, a $2,000 piece of equipment needed to be replaced. The theft also cut off the water supply to the City park facilities for a time. 

The city wrote that the Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident.

"I believe most of the thefts are done by the "Meth Heads" desperately trying to get the next fix," wrote Voepel (read his whole message). "This is a perfect example of how such a little return for the thief can do so much damage to the City."

"We will persevere, as we usually catch the Copper thieves sooner or latter, they aren't THAT smart," he wrote.

The Dec. 22 incident caps a string of metal thefts and vandalism in the 9400 block of Cuyamaca Street, as seen in a recent crime report, with four reports of metal theft reported beginning Dec. 14, around Town Center Park and related facilities.

Here are the other incidents: 
  • Dec. 14- Grand theft of metal- 9500 block Cuyamaca St- valued at $4,000.
  • Dec. 17- Grand theft of metal (copper), vandalism- Victim: City of Santee- Mission Creek Dr @ Cuyamaca St- valued at $6,000.
  • Dec. 17- Vandalism- Victim: City of Santee- 9400 block Cuyamaca St- Electronics valued at $1,000. 
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sheeple herder January 01, 2014 at 11:35 AM
Meth-head is a derogatory term. They must just be "misunderstood" free spirits. I'll repost a quote from a fellow patcher. The adjectives have been changed to protect the innocent... "Adj"? How about realizing most the "adj" that are out there have fallen through the cracks of a mental health system that will only help those that are an extreme danger to themselves or others. Some have fallen on hard times and just need a hand up. Some yes have addictions and need help to get clean and straighten their life out. Very few are "adj" as you put it and a threat to our community. My Christmas wish is you find a bit of compassion for your fellow man this holiday season. Merry Christmas. Is this "compassion" unconditional for all?.... Even if they are theives?
santee citizen January 01, 2014 at 11:08 PM
tell you what sheeple next time how about the city send the bill to fix what the thieves took to you?
Resident January 02, 2014 at 03:04 PM
Derogatory Term? Come on! If it walks like a duck! I don't care if someone has fallen on hard times you can't break the law! We can't be so sensitive and worry about hurt feelings now! NO justifications for any type of crime! I'm not insensitive but we all make our own decisions in life!
Brandon Smith January 02, 2014 at 03:32 PM
Oh now it's a concern because it cost the city money! What about the thousands of dollars these thieves have cost the citizens of Santee? Battery thefts from rvs boats. The Sherriff dept was aware of them. But since it cost the city money now we need to do something. As mayor I would have worded it as theft in the city not city parks. But would have left meth head or maybe tweeker.
MICHAEL EARLYWINE January 02, 2014 at 05:28 PM
first does he have proff they are useing goverment issued cell phones, NO!! not all copper, is stolen by meth heads, I think the mayor needs to go to the local watering hole and drink some more(thats where I met him) if hes gonna blame every thing on meth heads, he wanted to turn Santee from a small city to a big city and with that comes more crime, you already see the results in the more homeless people that have move in to the city
sheeple herder January 03, 2014 at 02:02 AM
Guess sarcasm is lost here...


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