Seau 911 Call Made Public

Authorities released the frantic call made by a Seau's girlfriend.

The 911 call that alerted authorities to the shocking suicide of former Chargers star Junior Seau in his coastal North County home was made public today.

A recording of the emergency call placed Wednesday morning by the 43- year-old ex-NFL great's hysterical girlfriend was obtained and posted by the celebrity news-and-gossip website TMZ.

In the call, made about 9:30 a.m., the weeping woman screams, "Oh, my God! I need an ambulance. Oh, my God!"

Breathing heavily, as if on the verge of hyperventilating, the girlfriend identifies herself as Megan says, "My boyfriend shot himself!"

The dispatcher repeatedly asks the distraught woman to take deep breaths and try to calm down, and asks for her boyfriend's name and age. When Megan tells her, the emergency operator repeats Seau's name

Megan explains that she found Seau lying lifelessly on his back on a bed in a spare bedroom of his home on Oceanside's Strand South after she returned from a gym workout.

The dispatcher asks where the gun was, and she replies, "Next to him in the bed." When the emergency operator asks where Seau shot himself, Megan says, "In the heart."

In response to the dispatcher's questions, the girlfriend says Seau apparently was not breathing.

After the grief-stricken woman asks what she should do, the dispatcher instructs her to move the former linebacker to the floor so she can perform CPR. Megan replies, "He weighs 260 pounds" then says she'll try, and soon gets back on the line to say she's gotten him off the bed.

The dispatcher then puts a medic on the line to talk the girlfriend through resuscitation techniques. At that point, Megan is told emergency personnel have arrived at the beachfront home, and she can be heard going to the front door and letting them in.

On Thursday, the county Medical Examiner's Office ruled Seau's death a suicide by gunshot to the chest. He apparently left no note explaining his decision to end his life.

Public and private memorials in the local icon's longtime hometown of Oceanside are tentatively planned for late next week.

— City News Service


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