View Finder: 'Old Faithful' on Mast Blvd.

A geyser shoots from behind the Coffee Corner after a car hit a hydrant.

This photo of the aftermath of a car hitting a fire hydrant on Mast Boulevard, just behind the , has been circulating amongst Santee City staff. It is believed to have occurred on Friday.

Motivated Santee Citizen March 24, 2012 at 11:13 PM
The very next hydrant in line with this one behind the person taking the picture was knocked off about a year ago by a teenager with his friends in the vehicle racing his dad's new Dodge Ram truck and lost control and took out the hydrant. Trashed the truck pretty good, even broke the front suspension and the truck had to be towed away. Tore up pretty much all corners of the truck by sliding sideways into several things including the hydrant. The teen eas trying to lie with an elaborate story, but there were many witnesses to his crash and the female Sheriff's Deputy that looked to have teenagers of her own was not buying it and ultimately layed down the law with the lieing teenager. I appreciated her firmness with the teenager and hoped that his parents would be the same way with him at home. I was not a witness to the crash, but came upon it right after it happened.


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