Business Roundtable on Regulation Held By Assemblyman Brian Jones

From environmental to employee regulations, manufacturers and politicians come together to talk about how they slow down business.

Local Tuesday morning at a local Santee manufacturing plant to discuss government regulation and how it impinges on businesses ability to operate efficiently.

, state representative for District 77, convened the roundtable, which included representatives of about 10 local businesses, specifically in the manufacturing industry.

He said part of the reason he was there was to let local business leaders know they can reach out to their state representatives, especially him.

"What we can do as legislators for there ability to grow and stay in California, as an important part of the economy," Jones asked the roundtable.

Rick Urban, COO of QCMI, the plant where the roundtable was held, said that everything from environmental regulations to employment regulations sucks money and time from the business.

"Especially in such a cost competitive industry as manufacturing, adding any costs an not giving breaks can really hurt a business," said Urban.

Santee City Councilman brought local government into the equation, talking about how cities lose out on tax revenue when businesses can't stay in California.

"Buck Knives had to move out of East County because they couldn't afford to do their work here any longer," said Minto. "So, now another state get's their revenue, that's just not right."

Jones also used this chance to push his , which have taken shape in AB 860 and an initiative known as Stop Special Interest Money Now.

"People disbelieve that Sacramento can be changed," Jones said. "Sacramento has to represent the people, not the corporations or unions, in order for that change to happen." 

rudy reyes November 12, 2011 at 10:54 PM
They should be working on PUBLIC SAFETY!!! NOT SLOWING ECONOMY! !! vote them out!
Batman November 13, 2011 at 06:05 AM
Mr. Reyes, changing the subject a bit, but do you know that the fire that burned you was started by a guy who was likely high on pot?


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