Carlton Oaks Golf Course Threatens Closure If Land Deal Can't Be Made

Negotiations have been taken to the next level to consolidate the land that makes up Carlton Oaks Golf Course- threats of closure loom.

Updated @ 11:20 a.m. on Oct. 10.

A City Council committee decision that had been expected Wednesday on a controversial sale of land at the was postponed for three weeks to give the parties time to renegotiate the deal.

The sale is opposed by environmentalists and failed to gain the support of three of the four members of the council's Land Use and Housing Committee.   

About 70 acres of the golf course is within the city limits of San Diego, where it runs along the banks of the -- and the city owns the property. The rest of the course is in Santee and owned by TY Investments, which leases the San Diego portion.   

TY Investments wants to buy the land owned by San Diego to get out of a lease that is expected to increase by around $60,000 annually following a property reassessment. Company officials said they would have to close the facility and lay off about 100 employees if the sale does not go through.   

However, they agreed to work with city officials and the over the next three weeks to renegotiate their lease.   

Environmental opponents did not want publicly owned land in an environmentally sensitive watershed to be transferred to a private owner. They also expressed concern over the .

At the in the spring, trail Project Manager Steve Miller and Santee Director of Community Services indicated that Santee is working with San Diego and the San Diego River Conservancy to create a trail easement around the course that would connect to , connecting trails along the river from deep East County to the rest of San Diego.

This would be part of the city's conceptual plan, which is a long term plan that involves maximization of public use, flood protection of surrounding areas and the .

The  released a comment on the ongoing  and the operators of :

" has been a vital  and the City is supportive of an outcome that enhances the long range financial viability of Carlton Oaks Golf Course. In addition, the course is a crucial link in the  that would connect to Mission Trails Park. It is hoped that the  that both preserves the golf course and provides trail access."

–City News Service with additions by Steven Bartholow

Harry Jones October 06, 2011 at 07:41 PM
Once again, you see government control & enivormental folks threating to destory a business. Would serve everyone right if the course (God forbid) close, loss jobs, & be fenced up from everyones (including environmentalist) use. Maybe low income apartments or another jail...
Motivated Santee Citizen October 07, 2011 at 03:22 AM
THat's one way to stop all of the DUI activity rolling out of the Country Club on weekend nights!


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