Dear Randy: From Mast to Lakeside

The Mayor connects fiscal woes with the road connection that would better connect Santee and Lakeside.

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Q: "When is the Mast Boulevard extension going to be opened? Mayor Voepel proudly did not connect to the County portion for what ever misguided reason. He said it would be opened when 52 was completed. Is it open yet? Another politician, another lie." -Jeff

A: Gee, nicely worded question, gives me warm fuzzies all over to "feel" the warmth and respect you must have for me. I will answer you directly and candidly as always:

Jeff, sir, it is, all about the money. For years when the economy was roaring along, our City Council and myself planned to connect Mast Boulevard to Lakeside once Highway 52 was completed. We had money partially set aside (anticipating more road funds from the State of California) and were working with the County to coordinate the hook up when the time came.

Long story short (this seems to be where I always get in trouble when I blog, as everybody that does not particularly like me, gleefully attacks what ever they think I left out or maybe am hiding. I guess that is online culture, this is the first time I have been on a blog, so am in a learning curve): The economy went into the great recession, The State of California stripped all the Cities of a large amount of money and the local tax base has gone down.

Santee has large fiscal reserves that we put away during the good times to use during bad times. Well, the bad times are here.

The cost of completing the hook up of Mast Boulevard is $5.4 million dollars. Santee's portion would be $4 million dollars for 600 feet of roadway and the County would be $1.4 million for the other 400 feet of roadway.

Why so darned expensive you ask? The connection would be two lanes each way over VERY unstable dirt that would have to be extensively graded and packed. Also road building is inherently expensive because of the way we have to do it in California, with prevailing wage rules and 1,000 other California requirements.

Our City Council has decided for now, to take our road money to do the most extensive re-paving projects in the City's history. This will make sure our roads are as top-notch as possible if we have a double dip recession and the economy (tax base) gets worse.

Running a City is usually about allocating scarce resources (in this case road money) to ever shifting priorities. In this case, connecting Mast to Lakeside will continue to be delayed (probably for a very long time) as we scramble to take care of our own roads in Santee.

Jeff, I am confident that you will be delighted by an honest reply from a politician.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Voepel

Mayor, City of Santee

Sand Tee August 31, 2012 at 03:27 AM
They already did contribute! Hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid by each entity to the "city" of Santee in permits, taxes, inspections, documentation and forced mitigations. All of which Santee squandered away on poor decision making ie. the entire area North of Mission Gorge and East of the Trolley station. So many businesses have attempted to start up there and been squashed by local government with shallow minds and the inability to see a profitable future anywhere in this "city".
S. Fulrath July 26, 2013 at 07:49 PM
It's "mitigation", the enviro-whackoes, unions (and prevailing wage), and the libs that run this God forsaken state that have INTENTIONALLY made it nearly impossible to build roads. They want us off the roads, out of our cars, and living in caves. With dits like Boxer closing power plants and obinBummers war on coal...blackouts, brownouts and skyrocketing electricity costs can only follow...
S. Fulrath July 26, 2013 at 07:50 PM
We're already circling the drain like most liberally controlled gov't entities...it's only a matter of time 'till the big FLUSH!
mike July 26, 2013 at 07:51 PM
S. Fulrath-what does this have to do with our President's energy plan? Go back to Fox News. Maybe our Mayor wants to keep people like you out of Santee from Lakeside-geesh.
Sand Tee October 21, 2013 at 06:38 PM
Mike, you had me with you on the questioning what this had to do with Mr. Obama's energy "plan". But then you went askew yourself in suggesting your beloved corrupt mayor perhaps wants to deny the residents of Lakeside the ability to spend our money in your little burb. You need to keep this in mind; Santee is NOTHING but a more commercialized Lakeside with a big attitude. The rest of San Diego county and the city itself considers the two towns identical. So I would suggest stepping off your high horse and realizing your argument is simply stupid.


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