Funds Approved for Prospect Avenue Redevelopment

The project will upgrade a mile-long section of Prospect Avenue between Magnolia Avenue and Cuyamaca Street.

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Funds have been approved for the Prospect Avenue Corridor Enhancement Project, which will upgrade a mile-long section of Prospect Avenue between Magnolia Avenue and Cuyamaca Street.

The state Department of Finance made the decision in mid-December to approve nearly $24 million in redevelopment funds for the project.

The Prospect Avenue Enhancement project was passed quickly by Santee City Council in 2011 to get in the paperwork for the project just under the wire as the redevelopment program was brought to a halt by the state last year.

Santee City Manager Keith Till was enthusiastic about the approved funds. When asked how the decision went, he said: "Pretty darn well!"

Till confirmed that the project is back on schedule, with construction set to begin in the winter of 2013 and last until fall of 2015.

The Santee Review summarized the project improvements:

"Proposed improvements include adding sidewalks, curbs and gutters, along with attractive but water-wise landscaping. Overhead utility wires will be undergrounded and utility poles removed. New street lighting will be installed and storm drains will be upgraded to eliminate flooding. On-street parking and bicycle lanes will be provided on both sides of the street. Traffic signals will be upgraded and a dual left-turn lane will be added."

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PwmCwzy December 30, 2012 at 12:19 AM
I would love to hear the explanation of why the State of California and it citizens are paying for what the city of Santee should be paying for. I consider this no differnt that welfare or food stamp fraud. Streets, gutters, storm drains, sidewalks and street lighting are the responsiblity of our city to provide.
Mayor Randy Voepel December 31, 2012 at 01:02 AM
PwmCwzy, This is Santee property tax money. The State of California,has stolen large amounts of Santee tax money, with the "flick" of the Legislative ink pen. Right now, 83% of our property taxes paid by Santee citizens go to the Sacramento "rat hole" never to be seen again. Only 17% of our property tax stays in Santee. The Prospect Avenue project is our last redevelopment project, using 80% of the Santee property tax for the benefit of SANTEE! The State of California looked at this project and allowed it to go forward because it will generate 3-4 times the property tax revenue than before. Your City Council has wisely used YOUR tax money through the years to build a prosperous and vibrant City. Gee PwmCwzy, how much more of our money do you want to ship to Sacramento?
PwmCwzy December 31, 2012 at 02:57 AM
Pretty strong words, Mayor. The state has “STOLEN” Santee tax money? I wasn’t aware that the City of Santee paid for food stamps, Medical or welfare for our needy citizens. Nor was I aware that Santee paid to build or maintain the Interstate system that crisscrosses our city. The “rat-hole” you talk about also funds most of the education costs provided to our children, so your "never to be seen again" doesn‘t ring true with me. You are the one that has answered citizens of Santee who requested sidewalks, that their wishes were a low priority, so don’t try to convince us you spent our tax dollars wisely to build a vibrant and prosperous city. Tell your story to those who have no sidewalks. It appears to me that the vibrant and prosperous part of the city are the new sections, where the original builders installed the roads, sidewalks, drainage and street lighting. You don’t get to take credit for things you didn’t pay for. The builders that built, and homeowners that maintain the paving on their own streets, and pay for street light fixtures and the monthly electrical bill to keep their neighborhoods safe should be getting your thanks
Carl Freeman January 09, 2013 at 04:23 AM
I am just happy it's being done, it is one of the main streets in Santee, and its pretty dangereous with telephone poles, that are on side of the street, but are in the road, there are a couple that have crased and died because of the telephone poles already


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