Santee Election Results Certified, Majority Voted by Mail

About 80 percent of registered voters showed up to the polls or mailed their ballot in.

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The Registrar of Voters Office recently certified results for the Nov. 6 election.

79.45 percent of registered Santee voters showed up to the polls or turned in absentee ballots.

Regstered voters: 31,237

Voted: 24,819

A majority, 54 percent, of Santeeans voted by mail absentee ballot.

The City Council race was decided by 20,801 voters, with Maggie Acerra getting 5,444 votes or 26.17 percent, and Jack Dale getting 15,311 votes or 73.61 percent.

The race for Mayor was decided by 22,611 voters, with Randy Voepel getting 17,771 votes or 78.59 percent, and Rudy Reyes getting 4,790 votes or 21.18 percent.

See attached PDF for a breakdown of votes by polling place.

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