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Video Interview With Santee Citizen of the Year Joe Spencer

Not a man afraid to speak his mind- see the highlights of "Just Joe" riffing on his philosophy, what he does for the community and why.

Santee, PTA, smoke-free, cupcakes, blogging, citizen of the year... What name comes to mind?

If you follow Santee Patch, you know your thinking of , local volunteer, activist and .

In this video interview you'll see highlights cut from more than half an hour talking about who Joe Spencer is- his philosophy, what he's done for the community, why he does it, and where he's going next.

Joe is now involved in a campaign to make Santee parks smoke-free, with his company, Go For It Productions, he was instrumental in bringing the to Santee junior high schoolers and WWE stars to the , he has dedicated his time to the Santee School District as the District's Foundation Vice President and , and he even found himself helping in the from her burning vehicle earlier this year.

The County of San Diego recently issued a proclamation honoring for his "outstanding leadership, service and commitment to area residents," and declared March 26, 2012 as throughout the county.

As a regular , Joe does a lot to inform the community and can always be counted on to get a conversation started about an issue. If Joe says he'll bring a topic to the or City Council, you can count on him being there at the next meeting, speaking his mind.

Earlene August 01, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Sorry, Corena, but I, for one, don't buy your story as you obviously know Joe and have some sort of vendetta against him and have now disguised yourself as another person and deliberatly gone out of your way to research his name. One can clearly see you have a definite motive and its not for political purposes. Secondly, owing a bill and disputing it does NOT make you a criminal, nor does having a bad credit rating. As far as any criminal record in the courts, once an offense has been expunged by the courts, its gone FOREVER, so why should you or anyone bring it up? Your motive for doing so is suspect. Besides, everyone, no matter who they are deserves a second chance, so let's be fair in your unfounded accusations here as it pertains to Mr. Spencer, especially on a public forum such as THE PATCH.
Doug Curlee August 01, 2012 at 05:56 PM
earlene and i don't agree on much.. we DO agree on this one..to have suddenly popped up and revived a four-month-old thread to attack someone seems more than a little suspect to me.. there's a hidden motive or two here..and i seriously doubt corena, or whoever she really is, is going to tell us what it is.. therefore, we will have to rely on our own common sense..and my common sense tells me that joe, who i often also disagree with, is the victim of an unwarranted attack..very likely by someone who's done it before, and couldn't get any traction on the "charges".. wonder who that will turn out to be... doug
Joe Spencer August 01, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Earlene Your kind words are appreciated. Thank You.
Earlene August 01, 2012 at 07:54 PM
I really don't care who she/he is as it's the fact that unfounded accusations were levied against someone via attack mode on a public forum. Everyone has the right to defend himself/herself. Common sense dictates there is a hidden motive here which, as you say, will never be divulged, but I hope by our posts this individual will see that most of us are not as gullible as this individual assumes. I also have hope that this sort of thing will cause those who only wish to make trouble for another individual to stop and think before posting what I see as defamation and "total nonsense."
Earlene August 01, 2012 at 08:13 PM
I suspect Miss Willameanah Mildew is most likely someone with whom he's done business, a neighbor, a girlfriend or individual on this forum with whom he did not agree or gave him a hard time in perhaps certain discussions on THE PATCH, whose now trying to get back at him without revealing their identity. If he thinks long and hard enough, it may dawn on him who she or he is. But whomever the individual, the scheme didn't work, nor should it have.


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