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Email: elcajonmama@gmail.com Twitter: @elcajonmama Private blog: http://www.elcajonmama.com
Hometowns: Born in the Bay Area; grew up in the San Carlos neighborhood of San Diego; went to college in Massachusetts; living in El Cajon for over a decade. In a nutshell: Wife of videogame blogger Mister Raroo, mother of a busy 5-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl, employed in the educational technology field, blogger about El Cajon and greater East County region. Favorite things: Family time, libraries, technology, desktop and web publishing, amateur photography, journaling, attempting to knit and crochet, vegetarian meals, Indian food, coffee, shopping sales, dollar stores, thrift stores, biographies/memoirs, celebrity gossip, conspiracy theories, planning and taking vacations, Disneyland, anything cute, sleep. You don't live in La Mesa. Why blog for La Mesa Patch? It is true that I live in El Cajon, and I do have a private blog that I maintain called El Cajon Mama. My family and I spend a lot of time all over San Diego County, though, and particularly in East County. We frequent La Mesa often, whether it's to go for a doctor's appointment, to get hummus at the Farmers Market, or to go shopping at and around Grossmont Center. I am very proud to live, work, and raise my family in East County. Why blogging? I enjoy blogging, because it provides the freedom to write about any topic, in many different styles, and for many different audiences (or, sometimes no audience at all). In the past, I've blogged about toys, pets, videogames, and more. I always intend to return to these various blogs, but as a relatively recent homeowner and parent, my newest interest is to focus on community building. With the birth of El Cajon Mama and writing for Patch, I hope to contribute a local voice to positively foster connections within the neighorhoods where my children are growing up and learning about the world.
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